How The Left Uses Ridicule To Smear Trump

Jimmy Kimmel pulls another specious hit job on Trump, comparing his words on the Baghdadi operation to Obama's Bin Laden Death announcement (see below).

Cherry picking words out of context is cheap and very dishonest. People that are smart and educated know exactly why Trump says what he says. He's talking to the Jihadists when he says Baghdadi died like a dog. It's psychological warfare to liken their leader to a dog (dogs are despised in Islamic lands). It's demoralizing to them. It demystifies the appeal of ISIS to young recruits.

This is something Obama never understood. Obama said it would take generations to destroy ISIS and Trump did it in 3 months. That's the difference between a feckless, lawyer, robot like Obama and an actual businessman that takes care of business.

When Trump says he didn't get credit in Kimmel's mash up, it was for a book he wrote a year before 9/11 where he predicted that Osama Bin Laden was going to do something terrible, and he should be killed before it happens. But in Kimmel's video, Kimmel makes it look like Trump was trying to garner adulation for the death of Baghdadi.

Obama took no questions after his Bin Laden Death announcement, but Trump took many questions and gave many details and thanked many people for the Baghdadi operation. Trump makes himself far more available to the press than Obama ever did. When Trump gives a long press conference it's easy to take words out context. Obama did less than 2 and a half minutes, Trump did 50 minutes. Kimmel represents the sound byte generation, that don't pay attention to details and think superficially, which ironically, is their own projection on Trump. These are dumb people that don't have the attention span to actually listen to a full press conference.

Below is Kimmel's pathetic attempt at ridicule, and below that, Trump's full press conference about the Baghdadi.