Demagoguery and Bias on ABC's Nightline

A flawed ABC news report on the Golden Dawn in Greece.
The report says nothing of Golden Dawn's political philosophy of governance, only that they are inspired by Nazism and they're racist.  "Nazi" stands for National SOCIALISTS. Socialists are Left Wing, NOT Right. Hitler declared he would do better than Carl Marx, not Calvin Coolidge. 
So, in the minds of ABC news producers, if you are racist, that fact alone must mean you are "Right Wing" even if you admire socialists... Another example of the left wing media trying to connect the right to racism.
This is either dishonest uneducated, but definitely idiotic.  
Carl Marx and Frederick Engels were racists. 
The KKK were mostly Democrats.
Che Guevara made derogatory statements against blacks and Jews. 

Leftists argue Che worked with blacks and had a mulatto girlfriend, but so did Turkish Sultans, that fact alone does not negate Che's sentiments. 

On the other hand, the first black judges and congressmen in the United States were Republicans like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.                                                           

The point is... 

When leftists associate Nazis with the right of the political spectrum it is a SLANDER on all people that believe in the right wing principles of low taxes, low regulations, individual freedoms and limited government in general.