The Great Global Warming Swindle - FULL LENGTH

Mark Twain said, "A lie can get half way around the world while the truth is still putting on it's shoes."

Now tens of thousands of scientists all over the world are saying Global Warming is not Man Made. It is a natural cycle. The British High Court recently announced that Gore's movie cannot be shown in schools without a disclaimer because it has major flaws.

2,000 years ago the Romans wrote that it was so warm outside that they could grow very nice wine grapes in England. Then it got colder for many centuries until Medieval times when the British started to write again about growing grapes in England. They said their wine rivaled France's. This time is called the Medieval Warm Period. Then it got colder again for several centuries until now. With the help of hybrids (genetic modification) we are just starting to grow grapes again in England. But it's still not as warm as it was back in those days when the Vikings settled Greenland and called it "Greenland" because there was much less ice there (they either meant it was green or a good place to live). It was warmer than it is now, but it got much colder centuries later, and the Vikings could not survive there any longer. Back in those warm periods there were no video cameras to show Polar Bears standing on little icebergs, and there was no Al Gore to hype up things up for political gain. Back then the hype was religion. Now, Global Warming has become a new religion.

Pollution IS bad, we are creating synthetic molecules that have never existed before and some of it is screwing up our ecosystem. Mercury poisoning in the sea and the plastic in the sea are REAL problems that seriously deserve the amount of attention that the man made global warming hoax is getting, but very few people are talking about those real problems.

For the past decade the ice on Mars has been steadily melting. There are no factories or SUVs on Mars, so why is the ice melting? Because the Sun is heating it up. That is the same sun that heats the earth. It's the Sun that causes warming on Mars and on Earth, not pollutants. And those Polar Bears that Gore showed you are only 2 of 19 different populations of Polar Bears, the other 17 are actually at optimum levels or expanding in growth. There are Climatologists all over the world that say the only thing causing global warming besides the Sun, is Gore's hot air. Gore, by the way, has made over 100 million off the global warming industry and stands to make 100's of millions more off carbon offsets. Beware of the Prophet that seeks Profit.

~Dhruva Aliman