Damn Hippies

A hippie friend of mine on facebook posted this disgusting sign. I suppose he thought he was making a very cogent point. But I made a point of my own, and this was my comment on his facebook post-
"Terrorists are defined by using aggression to get an oppressive political outcome. Freedom fighters use self defense to stop aggression and/or achieve a non-oppressive political outcome.

It's obvious that the U.S. soldier snapped, and did not kill for political reasons. He did multiple tours of duty helping both Iraqis and Afghans, and lost his mind after a brain injury. It is also obvious, that the Afghans that kill Americans, do it sanely, and for political reasons.

How do you not see the incredibly stark difference in intent between the U.S. military and the Afghan enemy? What do you want? You want the U.S. to leave the Taliban alone so they can brutally oppress their people and create the same environment that we had to fight them for in the first place? Are you against basic civil rights for the Afghan people? Are you against women's rights? Because if we leave the Taliban alone, they will make what that crazy U.S. soldier did look like a Disney movie. Do you even know what it was like under the Taliban before we invaded? Women were not allowed to read or write. All 13 million of them....For them, the punishment was death. If even their hair showed outside their Burka, they would be beaten. Read about how they punish women there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliban_treatment_of_women ...It will blow your fucking mind, and then you tell me they are not terrorists.

When half the population of a nation is forced to be illiterate, that cuts short the lives of countless people in that nation simply because it is not modernized. The U.S. changed that.

And for the men, if your beard is not long enough they throw you in jail. If anyone was caught listening to music, ANY KIND OF MUSIC, they are jailed or executed. The Taliban will kill you for changing your religion from Muslim to anything else. That's why they blew up those 5,000 year old Buddhist rock carving statues. The Afghans that kill our soldiers want to go back to the fucking dark ages, they are the most intolerant assholes on the planet, and what, you think they are noble? They would fucking kill you for having a new age book store like the one you work in, just for having one of those books. Yes, they are Terrorists, and the U.S. military is trying their hardest to save the Afghan people from that nightmare. The U.S. fights for freedom, the Taliban fights to oppress, and impose Sharia law.

I have a friend that came here from Afghanistan, she's in her 20's now and she grew up watching executions in the soccer stadiums as a child. She says anyone who thinks the Taliban are regular people just fighting for their freedom are ignorant fools. She says the best thing to ever happen to Afghanistan in modern times was the Americans. Want to meet her? You can ask her yourself."

~by Dhruva Aliman