Why Africa Loves George W. Bush

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete: President Bush "will be remembered for many generations to come for the good things [he has] done for Tanzania and the good things [he has] done for Africa." His "legacy will be that of saving hundreds of thousands of mothers' and children's lives from malaria, preventing new HIV infections and giving hope to those infected through care and treatment, and helping millions of young men and women get education. Last but not least, the legacy of assisting African nations and peoples build capacity for their own growth and development." (President Kikwete, Joint Press Availability, Dar ed Salaam, Tanzania, 2/17/08)
Los Angeles Times: President Bush "has arguably done more for that part of the world than any other U.S. president, though his critics seldom give him credit for it." "His $15-billion AIDS program has provided antiretroviral treatment to more than 1.33 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, and he has committed unprecedented sums to fight malaria and other diseases on the continent." (Editorial, "Ghana's George Bush Motorway," Los Angeles Times, 2/22/08)

· "Bush also has done more to speak out against the genocide in Darfur than any other world leader." (Editorial, "Ghana's George Bush Motorway," Los Angeles Times, 2/22/08)

· President Bush, "unlike his predecessors, has long recognized that failed, impoverished states are incubators for terrorism and that foreign aid should be considered a national security priority for the United States." (Editorial, "Ghana's George Bush Motorway," Los Angeles Times, 2/19/08)

· "By providing life-saving drugs to HIV-positive pregnant women, the president's program claims to have prevented 157,000 infants from becoming infected. This is a huge accomplishment." (Editorial, "Married to HIV," Los Angeles Times, 2/22/08)

The Chicago Sun-Times: "President Bush has an indisputable achievement to his credit: success in the fight against and treatment of HIV/AIDS in Africa." "Ultimately Bush's – and America's – leadership in ministering to the HIV/AIDS treatment needs of Africa has gone a long way in reversing the perception that treating poor people in remote areas with weak institutions is insurmountable." (Editorial, "Bush's HIV/AIDS Initiative Has Made Remarkable Progress," The Chicago Sun-Times, 2/17/08)

The San Diego Union-Tribune: "Bush is proud of the programs that have brought constructive aid to part of sub-Saharan Africa and helped sustain a positive image for this nation among the region's people." "His four-year-old Millennium Challenge Corp., focusing on governments that have made political and social progress, has allowed countries to set many of their development programs. His President's Emergency Plan for AIDS relief, popularly known in sub-Saharan Africa as PEPFAR, has channeled $18 billion into treatment and prevention throughout the region and the rest of the developing world." (Editorial, "Helping Africa; Bush Visit Will Highlight America's Successes," The San Diego Union-Tribune, 2/16/08)

The Akron [OH] Beacon Journal: "Funds from the President's Emergency Program for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) a five-year, $15 billion program that is up for renewal this year, have dramatically increased the availability of life-saving anti-retroviral drugs, treatments and prevention programs to HIV/AIDS clinics and patients." "The President's Malaria Initiative, launched in 2005 to provide $1.2 billion over five years, has been equally crucial in the battle against the mosquito-borne disease in sub-Saharan Africa." (Editorial, "'Friend Of Africa,'" The Akron [OH] Beacon Journal, 2/25/08)

The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch: "President Bush's trip to Africa emphasized one of the most remarkable – but rarely remarked upon – success stories of his administration." "The president's $15 billion crusade to battle HIV/AIDS on the continent has already saved 1.4 million lives – an astonishing number that should make all Americans proud. Bush is working to extend and expand the program." (Editorial, "Bush In Africa," The Richmond [VA] Times-Dispatch, 2/21/08)

The Washington Times: President Bush's "administration has provided unprecedented levels of aid to fight disease, poverty and corruption." (Jon Ward, "Bush 'At Home' With Allies In Africa," The Washington Times, 2/22/08)

McClatchy: "Nearly 50,000 Rwandan HIV patients now receive the lifesaving drugs – up from 800 four years ago – thanks largely to a $15 billion global anti-AIDS plan that Bush launched in 2003." (Shashank Bengali, "Bush's Africa Visit Highlights The Bright Side Of His Legacy," McClatchy, 2/14/08)

The Associated Press: "The U.S. president is in Africa for six days to showcase American generosity and put a human face on foreign aid. His initiatives – with backing from Congress – have reduced cases of malaria and HIV/AIDS, expanded education and built up infrastructure in Africa." "Ghana has the kind of story Bush likes to promote: an African nation that has largely avoided ethnic clashes and played a busy peacekeeping role on the continent. Ghana has boosted its economy and cut its poverty markedly, although many people here remain poor." ("Bush Shifts His 'Mission Of Mercy' To Ghana," The Associated Press, 2/20/08)

The Christian Science Monitor: "When President Bush announced the signature $15 billion President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), there were murmurs of disbelief amid the applause. But five years later, PEPFAR is still the largest and most comprehensive program for HIV patients in history, and may have saved millions of lives." (Scott Baldauf and Jina Moore, "Bush Sees Results Of His AIDS Plan In Africa," The Christian Science Monitor, 2/20/08)

Africa News: President Bush's "initiatives in health have increased HIV patients on our continent taking anti-retroviral medicines from about 50 thousand to nearly one-and-a-half million!" "In addition to this, his administration has made significant inroads into the fight against malaria. Just a few days ago, he pledged more resources to fight malaria in Tanzania and other places in Africa. In addition to the 15 billion dollars already committed, Mr. Bush is asking congress to commit even more resources." ("Ghana; Saying Akwaaba To Bush He Deserves Better!" Africa News, 2/20/08)

The [Ghana] Daily Graphic: "[I]t is President Bush's Administration that has redefined America's relations with Africa for the better." ("Bush Due To Start Three-Day Visit To Ghana 20 February," BBC Worldwide Monitoring, 2/19/08)

"It Was The Bush Administration That Got Out Of Talking About Millions For AIDS And Instead Talking About Billions"

"President Bush Has An Indisputable Achievement … In The Fight Against And Treatment Of HIV/AIDS In Africa"
President Bush's Commitment To Africa Described As "One Of The Most Remarkable … Success Stories Of His Administration"

President Bush's "Administration Has Provided Unprecedented Levels Of Aid To Fight Disease, Poverty And Corruption"

· President Bush "is a supportive and outstanding partner, as we take the necessary measures to promote democracy, human rights and good governance."

Benin President Boni Yayi: "[D]uring his two terms in office, President Bush showed great concern for Africa, its well being, and of the development of its people." (President Yayi, Joint Press Availability, Cotonou, Benin, 2/16/08)

Ghana President John Agyekum Kufuor: "We note with great admiration [President Bush's] commitment to the respect of human rights, democracy, and good governance, as well as [his] humanitarian support for the drive towards poverty alleviation." "We recognize also [President Bush's] exemplary dedication to the fight against diseases, like malaria and the HIV/AIDS pandemic." (President Kufuor, "President Bush and President Kufuor Exchange Toasts," Accra, Ghana, 2/20/08)

Pepperdine University's School Of Public Policy Senior Fellow Joseph Loconte: "Bush's Africa trip culminates what surely ranks as the most principled, sustained, and strategic commitment to the African continent of any Western leader in memory." "This week even the Bush administration's fiercest critics, if they were inclined, would receive a singular impression of America's engagement in a troubled region. This week we're seeing images of what Africa might become, what anyone with a shred of conscience would hope for all Africans – scenes of children playing at their mothers' knees, freed from sickness and fear, determined, fully alive." (Joseph Loconte, "Into Africa," The Weekly Standard, 2/20/08)

Council On Foreign Relations Senior Fellow For Global Health Laurie Garrett: "When history books get written, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief will go down as the major positive legacy of his eight years." "It's been a fantastic investment, unparalleled in human history." (Richard Wolf, "Next Week, Bush's Agenda Is Africa," USA Today, 2/15/08)

Center For Strategic And International Studies Africa Specialist Stephen Morrison: "Never have we had a foreign policy commitment to sustain lives for people for which there is no cure, no vaccine in sight." "That's a profound thing that has happened. We should be proud of it." (Editorial, "Bush's HIV/AIDS Initiative Has Made Remarkable Progress," Chicago Sun Times, 2/17/08)

Columbia University Professor And Rwandan Health Program Instructor Josh Ruxin: President Bush's "administration is really the first one to put the AIDS global pandemic on the policy map." "It was the Bush administration that got out of talking about millions for AIDS and instead talking about billions." (Peter Baker, "Bush Heads To Africa, Scene Of Successes On Health Policy," The Washington Post, 2/16/08)

Irish Musician And Humanitarian Bob Geldof: "The great unacknowledged story of America in Africa … was accelerated hugely by [President Bush], increased by him, argued for by him and monitored by him." "It has saved millions upon millions of lives and healed broken bodies; more than 1.5 million Africans are on lifesaving antiretrovirals. It has put millions of the poorest of the earth – an additional 29 million African children – into schools. It has fed, clothed and watered the hurt and ill." (Bob Geldof, Op-Ed, "The Healer," Time, 3/3/08)

· "There are no votes in helping the poor of Africa, but Bush did it anyway."

· President Bush "has done more than any other president so far" in Africa. "This is the triumph of American policy really." (Jennifer Harper and Jon Ward, "Irish Rocker Hails Bush On Africa," The Washington Times, 2/20/08)

New York's Social Science Research Council Program Director Alex de Waal: "The amount of resources now dedicated to Africa are more than the Democrats ever even talked about. That's quite impressive." (Alex Perry, "Bush Accents The Positive In Africa," Time, 2/19/08)

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Tanzania Director Anja Giphart: "AIDS no longer is a death sentence. … We would never have been able to do that if there wasn't a major focus." (Richard Wolf, "Bush Agenda For Next Week Is Africa," USA Today, 2/15/08)

Acting Coordinator Of Care And Treatment At The Treatment And Research AIDS Center Joseph Nyibizi: "I think PEPFAR makes a very big difference – not only in the number of people receiving [medication], but also in the quality of care." (Scott Baldauf and Jina Moore, "Bush Sees Results Of His AIDS Plan In Africa," The Christian Science Monitor, 2/20/08)

Musician And Activist Bono: "President Bush has every reason to be proud of what he and so many others have accomplished in Africa." (Peter Baker, "Bush Heads To Africa, Scene Of Successes On Health Policy," The Washington Post, 2/16/08)

Liberian Singer Juli Endee: "Thank you, George Bush." "'Thank you for democracy,' she crooned over the electric guitar, shaking her hips wrapped in yellow cloth. 'Thank you for the rule of law,' she sang. 'Thank you for debt relief.'" (Rukmini Callimachi, "Thank You George Bush," The Washington Times, 2/21/08)

Head Of PEPFAR, Kenya, Warren W. Buckingham: "Pepfar has proven that increased resources can be used effectively and rapidly." (Edmund Sanders, "New Life For African AIDS Patients," Los Angeles Times, 2/15/08)

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