These Girls Think They're So Clever

Virgins are born because people fuck.
That's where virginity comes from.
We dropped 2 big bombs on Japan and we have had a very productive PEACE with them for over 60 years, as well as Germany and Italy.
We bombed Kosovo and stopped the genocidal war there.
Over 10 million Afghan women can learn to read and write because we bombed the Taliban.
Slavery in the U.S. was stopped because the North brutally kicked the South's ass.
Bush's surge created relative peace and stability in Iraq, finally ending 30 years of institutionalized rape, maiming, and mass murder by Saddam's government.
When we stopped bombing Vietnam, over 2 million innocent Vietnamese were murdered by the communists. Had we just pulled out the ground troops but maintained air operations in support of the south, many lives could have be saved.
Which just goes to show you that-
1. The proper amount, and use of force can create peace.
2. These blind pacifists are fools that are unsympathetic, if not oblivious, to the plight of those who live under the heel of tyranny. Most people that live at the mercy of some dictator understand that bombs are their only hope.
For 6 million Jews, the bombs did not come soon enough.