The leader of the Palestinians and Hitler

Not a lot of people know that during WWII, The Grand Mufti Of Jerusalem, THE LEADER OF THE "PALESTINIAN" ARABS made a deal with Hitler.

He would take a Muslim army to eastern Europe to help Hitler wipe out Jews and win the war. In exchange, after the war was won, Hitler would grant the Mufti control of the whole "Palestine Area". Hitler agreed to this, and made the Mufti an SS General (to the confusion of many Nazi officers). The Mufti then led 30,000 Muslim soldiers in Nazi uniforms that stormed through Eastern Europe slaughtering and displacing Jews.

This happened before there was a state of Israel. "Palestinian" Arabs left their own country to wipe out Jews that were not Zionists, and that were living in a totally different part of the world. When the Palestinians complain about being refugees they conveniently forget about the Jews that were made refugees (if they were luckily not killed) by the Leader of the Palestinians. This happened BEFORE the Jews created Israel and BEFORE the Palestinians became refugees. What does the Palestinian-Arab leadership owe the hundreds of thousands of eastern European Jews for helping Hitler murder them and steal their assets?

In 1947 there were approximately 500,000 Jews and 400,000 Arabs in the Israel/Palestine area.

In 1948 when Israel declared statehood and the 1st war began, 100,000 Arabs joined with the Jews to become citizens of Israel. The other 300,000 sided with the invading Arab armies and they were displaced because the Arabs attacked, starting the war.
Also, 900,000 Jews that were living in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and what is now called Jordan were also displaced by the Muslim governments of those lands.
These 900,000 were not Zionists, they had no intention of living in Israel because they had roots in those other lands, most going back over a thousand years,
but because the Arabs started a war, those Jews were kicked out of their homes and their assets were stolen.

So not only were 300,000 Arabs made refugees in 1948, but 3 times as many Jews were made refugees by Arabs starting a war.

This, after what the Grand Mufti did with Hitler did to eastern European Jews before there was a state of Israel.

Since 1948 the the population of Palestinian Arabs has grown from 300,000 to over 5 million.
That is biologically impossible to do by mating. The reason for the population growth is because The P.L.O. with the help of the U.N. imported migrant workers to live in the refugee camps, and after one year the Palestinian Authority gave these workers an I.D. that says they have been there since "Time Immemorial" The migrants accept this deal because they can get more U.N. welfare money living there than for example, herding sheep in Morocco or Syria for a dollar a day.

To learn about this read the excellent book From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine is a 1984 book by Joan Peters