Veterans Against ISIS - How YOU Can Help - Fox News Interview

Vets going on their own without U.S. government support to fight ISIS...Anything you can donate...even $1 to help destroy the worst scum since the Nazis...Scroll to the bottom of the web page to get to the donation portal. ‬ - From their website-

Mission: To unite veterans and raise funds for a voluntary humanitarian aid deployment to Iraq & Syria, and to assist locals in security, medical supplies, medical aid, and training.

Veterans Against ISIS is a temporary nonprofit organization comprised strictly of top qualified and hand-picked veterans who are able and willing to volunteer their time, skills, and resources in order to deploy against ISIS. Due to the fact that we are simply poor veterans with limited funds, and we do not anticipate being around long, we will not be registering as a 501c3 unless someone wants to handle that for us. Our biggest needs are going to medical supplies, rations, and equipment. As of right now, due to limited funding, we will be forced to mostly accept what locals can give us regarding weapons, rations, and maybe even medical supplies. However, the more support we raise, the more effective we become. More funding means better weapons and better medical aid, which directly translates to saving more lives. Therefore, at the bottom of this page we have set up a donation button for the team. Feel free to check out those volunteering via the top navigation tab labeled ‘Meet the Team.’ Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for updates. Voluntary Humanitarian Aid 4 Kurds By Sean Rowe - GoFundMe Campaign