Join Social Network And Get Paid For Your Posts

Over 2 million users in two months since it's launch. Users are making hundreds of dollars's interesting, sounds like bullshit, but it's working.
Heck, it already has proved to work on Youtube.
You see those ads on facebook on the right side of every page you look at?
Advertisers pay FB to have those there...that's why Zuckerburg and all the people that work there at the top are billionaires and millionaires
They've got 100's of millions of people coming to FB to look at those ads every time you and everyone else share a post...but they don't share any of the advertising money with you.
They're making bank off you., a social network like FB gives 90% of the ad revenue to the actual users, you and me, after all we are creating the content...right?
You get accurate analytics to see how much you're making every day...just like Youtube
I'm gonna give this a shot...see what's doin :)

To join click on my profile-
(you have to click on someone's profile link to get started)

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